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    Moonlighting With Owls

    Get up close with several different species of live owls, indulge in an exquisite two course dinner with dessert (including multiple options for vegetarians), enjoy brief entertaining presentations and help raise money for the Hungry Owl Project at the same time!

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    HOP Founding Director Receives the Green Award

    We are excited to announce that Alex Godbe, Founding Director of the Hungry Owl Project, received the Green Award from San Anselmo's Quality of Life Commission on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at the San Anselmo Town Council meeting. Quality of Life Commission awards are given volunteers who benefit San Anselmo and environs without expectation of reward. Godbe will become the 30th winner of the Green Award.

    The Hungry Owl Project has been working closely with the town of San Anselmo for several years to help promote safe nesting and habitat for owls, raptors and other wildlife. Currently, HOP is helping the town with a family of Barn Owls that has been nesting in the tower at San Anselmo's town hall. A custom box is being built to be attached to the tower to give the owls a safer place to nest than their prior location within the tower. The goal is to install an owl camera inside the box to stream to the internet, allowing the residents of San Anselmo and everyone else to follow the life cycles of these beautiful owls.

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    Click HERE to read an article about Alex & the award.
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    It's Box Cleaning & Tree Work Season!

    It's cleaning season! In the Greater Bay Area and Sonoma/Napa Wine Country, October and November are the safest months of the year to clean your Barn Owl boxes. This is the time of year when the owls are least likely to be around. This window of time is also a great time to complete any needed maintenance on or around your box. If you need to perform tree work or other work that could potentially disturb your owl occupants, do it during this window. Now remember, we said that the owls are least likely to be around during this time of year, but it is possible for them to be present at any time of year. Please be very cautious when first approaching your box. If Barn Owls or another owl species or even another animal are in your box, please leave the box alone and contact us for further advice.

    Cleaning your owl box is very important for the health and safety of the owls. If you'd like the Hungry Owl Project to clean your Barn Owl boxes, contact us and we'll schedule a visit (boxes enrolled in our monitoring program are eligible for a discount on cleaning services!). If you'd like to clean your own boxes, we have detailed instructions that can be found HERE and we can also send you copies via email or snail mail. We always welcome questions, feel free to email or call us!

    Click HERE for more info on cleaning Barn Owl boxes.

    Click HERE for more info on wildlife safe tree work.
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    Farewell Wookie

    It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the passing of our beloved Ambassador Barn Owl Wookie due to age related causes. He was 13 years old. Working alongside Wookie this past decade has been an honor and an amazing experience for us and his death comes as a major shock.

    We've put together a little memorial page for Wookie and we'd love it if you'd take a look. If he came to your school, community or organization and you have a story you'd like to share or just any fond memories of him, please share in the comments of his memorial page. Farewell friend, may you fly free.

    Click HERE to view the Wookie Memorial page.

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    Donate Wicker Baskets to Give Baby Owls a New Home

    Help give baby raptors a new home and donate wicker baskets! Unfortunately, every year a number of owl, hawk and other raptor nests are destroyed. Be it the result of careless tree-work, spring storms or other causes, a damaged nest during the very sensitive nesting season is detrimental to baby owls and other raptors. We've had great results reuniting raptor families by using substitute basket nests. However, we are always in need of baskets. Please help us by donating wicker baskets today.

    We need wicker baskets that are approximately in between 6" - 9" deep and 12" - 19" wide or long and with a sturdy rim and bottom.

    Baskets can be dropped off in Marin County, CA.

    Contact HOP at or 415-454-4587 to donate!

    Watch this video for more info on HOP's Raptor Rescue & Reunite program:
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    Hungry Owl Project Featured in Audubon Magazine

    The Hungry Owl Project and our good friends RATS (Raptors Are The Solution) are featured in a great article on rodenticides in the Jan-Feb issue of Audubon. Pick up a copy and read it today!

    For subscriptions to Audubon Magazine:

    To download a PDF copy of article (warning file is 5.5mb) click HERE
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    Petition for EPA to Follow Through With Rodenticide Ban

    In Marin county in 2012, almost 80% of owls, raptors and other rodent consuming wildlife brought into our local wildlife hospital WildCare were tested positive for secondary rodenticide poisoning. Please take a moment to read and sign this important petition to the EPA to follow through with the ban on anticoagulant rodenticides. This petition was started by our friends Raptors Are The Solution (RATS).

    Click HERE to read and sign the petition.

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