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Approximately 26 million years ago the first Barn Owl appeared on earth. Since then Barn Owls have reigned supreme as one of the most efficient hunters on wings.

How can Barn Owl boxes benefit your property?

When it comes to rodent control, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has described the Barn Owl as the most beneficial to humans of all creatures. A family of Barn Owls can eat over 3,000 rodents in a four month breeding cycle. A single owl can eat over 50 lbs of gophers in single year! 4 occupied Barn Owl boxes can mean the possible eradication of 12,000 rodents. Since Barn Owls frequently have two breeding cycles each year, that number can double to 24,000 rodents!

Having Barn Owls living at your property can be an amazing experience. We hear from box owners regularly about how much they love having Barn Owls as neighbors and getting to watch their nesting cycles.

Barn owls, as a part of a non-toxic integrated pest management approach, are not only effecient, but can save thousands of dollars on toxic rodenticides. Barn owls are one of the few species of raptor that are non-territorial. This means that the number of owls that can be attracted to an area is limited only by the availability of nesting sites and available prey to eat.

Installing owl boxes is an inexpensive way to attract barn owls to rodent infested areas.

Adding a camera to stream to a local monitor or the internet can be an exciting way to get an up close and personal view of the nesting cycles of your owl neighbors.

Promote barn owl habitat while gaining sustainable eco-friendly rodent control!

What services can HOP provide for my property?

Site Consultations
There are many influential factors when it comes to selecting a good spot for an owl box. Our site consultants will come to your property and help you determine what boxes are appropriate, how many and help you find sites that will be both safe for the owls and help establish the greatest possible rodent control coverage. They can also answer your owl and nesting box related questions and help you decide on installation and maintenance options. Hungry Owl Project Site Consultations will help give your nesting boxes the greatest chance for success.

The Hungry Owl Project has options for boxes installed on posts and in trees. Our installation team will come to your property and install owl and other nesting boxes for you. Have your boxes installed by the experts the right way.

Monitoring Program
Have the Hungry Owl Project keep track of your nesting boxes with an annual site visit and full monitoring report as well as a discount on cleaning for each box enrolled. The Hungry Owl Project monitoring team will visit your owl boxes in the late spring to early summer (depending on what stage the nesting owls are at in your area). We inspect each box with very discrete monitoring equipment and then provide you with a monitoring report detailing occupancy, occupancy rate, an annual owl population update, whether or not cleaning is required and any other recommendations or relevant information. It's the best way to keep up with your boxes, make sure your owls are safe and to give your box program the greatest chance possible for success.

Box Cleaning
Have the Hungry Owl Project take care of your box cleaning. Our box cleaners are trained and effecient. Boxes enrolled in the monitoring program are granted a discounted cleaning rate.

Owl Cams
Assistance in installing and setting up owl cams to stream to local monitors or the internet.

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Our Monitoring Team in the field.