Hungry Owl Project Videos

Please enjoy this selection of videos made by or about the Hungry Owl Project (with many more coming soon).


Raptor Rescue & Reunite (RRR) Video

A wonderful video about our Raptor Rescue & Reunite (RRR) program filled with information about rescuing, reuniting and fostering owls and other raptors. To make a tax deductible donation to help us continue this other programs, click HERE.


North Bay Report - Hungry Owl Project

A great television feature on the Hungry Owl Project from our early days. It features our own Maggie Rufo and is narrated by Myles Cameron.



The Hungry Owl Project is a partnership with WildCare.
7% of all Hungry Owl Project income goes to WildCare.
501(c)(3) Non Profit - ID No. 51-0172331