Our mission is to reduce the need for pesticides & rodenticides by
encouraging natural predators through conservation of habitat,
nest boxes, and education.

We are proud and humbled to have received the following message from one of our primary inspirations:
The Hungry Owl Project is a much needed and very important initiative. I hope that every bird lover, every nature lover, will support it. Let us ensure that these marvelous birds, with their huge eyes and silent flight will be around to bring magic to the night long after we are gone. Their future lies in our hands.
Jane Goodall, Ph.D, DBE
Founder-The Jane Goodall Institute


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  • Spring storms can be dangerous for baby owls and other raptors. Learn what to do if you come across a fallen or injured baby raptor.
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  • Donate to HOP this spring and help us get ready for the upcoming Owl & Hawk rescue and reunite season!
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  • Has your Barn Owl box had any activity in 2014 so far? Let us know and help us prepare for the upcoming rescue season and more.
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    Do you have a passion for owls and our shared environment? Do you want to help wildlife and our community? Volunteer with Hungry Owl today!.
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    Our Tree Life program to educate arborists and other people who need to know when and how to safely trim trees and shrubs without causing harm to wildlife. Learn why, when and how...